4 Signs Your Refrigerator Needs Repairs

You rely on your refrigerator to keep your food fresh. A malfunctioning refrigerator can lead to food spoilage. It can even lead to food poisoning if you don't realize your food has gone off. Prevent illness and waste by paying careful attention to your refrigerator. Here are four signs of a broken refrigerator to watch out for. 1. Your refrigerator doesn't feel cold enough. Your sense of touch is very sensitive. [Read More]

Understanding Common Signs That Indicate A Refrigerator Needs Repairs

A refrigerator may be one of the most important appliances found in a kitchen. Without a refrigerator in good working condition, it is impossible to keep perishable food items fresh and frozen food freezing cold. Most quality refrigerators are designed to last for many years, but that doesn't mean that they can't develop problems that can prevent them from working properly. Purchasing a brand-new refrigerator can be quite expensive, so most homeowners prefer to have their fridge repaired when it's acting up instead of replacing it altogether. [Read More]

Front Loading Machine Not Tumbling? What You Can Do

Your front loading machine needs to tumble in order to clean your clothes properly. If it isn't tumbling, the water and soap isn't getting to all of your clothing, so only some of the clothes will actually get clean, while others may come out completely dry and some soaking wet and possibly still covered with soap. When this happens, you can either run out and purchase a brand new machine (although most cannot afford to do this), you can try to troubleshoot the repair yourself, or hire a professional washer repairman to make the repair for you. [Read More]

What To Do When Your Dryer Doesn't Heat

When your dryer doesn't heat, your clothes don't get dried. If you're dealing with this issue, there are a couple different things that could be causing the problem. Here, you'll find out how to test and diagnose the lack of heat in your clothes dryer. Electrical Supply If the dryer isn't getting enough electricity, it will not be able to produce the heat that it needs to dry the clothing. You'll need a voltmeter to test the wall outlet. [Read More]