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3 Signs Your Dishwasher's Filter Has A Problem

The filter in your dishwasher plays an important role. It ensures that your dishwasher does its cleaning job and prevents damage to its system.

Sometimes, this filter develops a problem that affects how your dishwasher works. What are the signs of filter problems? 

1. Your Filter Looks Dirty

Dishwasher filters protect the inner working parts of their machines. They ensure that larger particles of food can't get into places where they might cause clogs.

If your filter has a problem, then it might still trap larger particles of food. However, you might notice that the filter looks dirty. If food sets on to its surface, then the filter itself gets clogged.

Sometimes, hard water scale will also build up on its holes or mesh. This changes the color of the filter screen. It takes on a solid look, and you will be able to see the scale stuck in the mesh or holes. This scale stops the filter from working.

2. Your Dishes Aren't Clean

A working dishwater filter screens out larger particles of food and enables smaller particles to wash away during a cleaning cycle. If your filter is clogged or faulty, then it can't do these jobs. It might start to affect how well your machine cleans your dishes.

For example, you might start to notice that your dishes still have food particles and debris on them even after they have been washed. Or, they might look streaky and just a little less clean than they usually do.

In some cases, dishes look clean; however, they have some residue on them. For example, if you run a finger across a plate, then it might feel grittier than it should after it has been through a wash cycle.

3. You Have Water in Your Dishwasher After a Cycle

If water can't run through your dishwasher's filter, then it might not all leave the machine at the end of the cycle. When you open your dishwasher after a wash, then you might see pools of dirty water at the bottom of the machine.

If your filter is dirty or blocked, then some water might not be able to get off the machine when it rinses. Or, if a filter has some damage and has allowed larger food particles to escape, then you might have a clog in a pipe that is preventing water from draining.

For more help, contact dishwasher servicing specialists. They can check your filter for you. If it needs a deep clean or a repair, then they can do this. They can also replace the filter if it has broken or reached the end of its working life.

Reach out to a company that offers dishwasher filter maintenance to learn more.