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Residential Dryer Repair: 3 Signs Your Dryer Needs Repairs

A dryer helps you save time by drying your clothes quickly instead of hanging them outside and waiting for them to dry. But like most appliances, the more you use your dryer, the more its components start to wear out or malfunction. Hence, at some point, you will need to schedule residential dryer repairs to fix your dryer. 

However, your dryer doesn't have to fail or break down for you to call a residential dryer repair contractor. Sometimes, there are several signs you might notice that will state your dryer needs repairs. 

Hence, here are three common signs you need residential dryer repair services. 

1. Clothes Take Longer to Dry 

When you start using a dryer, you become accustomed to the dryer drying your clothes within a given amount of time. Hence, if your dryer starts taking longer than usual to dry a load, it has an issue. 

Dryers use heating elements to heat the air in the drum so that the water in your clothes can evaporate. However, it is not uncommon for some of the heating elements to burn out. When one or more heating elements burn out, the dryer produces less heat than usual. Hence, your clothes take longer to dry. 

So, when your dryer starts taking longer than usual to dry a load, call a residential dryer repair contractor. If some of the heating elements have burnt out, the contractor can replace them with new ones and reinstate the efficiency of your dryer. 

2. Burning Smells From the Dryer

The thermostat in a dryer regulates the amount of heat produced by the heating elements. Thus, the thermostat prevents the dryer from overheating. 

But if the thermostat malfunctions, it might misread the temperature in the drum. For instance, the thermostat might read a lower temperature than the drum temperature. As a result, the thermostat will trigger the heating elements to produce more heat.

However, the above scenario often results in the dryer dangerously overheating. Hence, the burning smell is probably your clothes or various components in the dryer getting toasted. 

If you let your dryer continue running while it is overheating, it could catch fire. So, if you notice burning smells emanating from the dryer, immediately turn it off and call a residential dryer repair contractor. 

3. Drum Not Spinning

The drum in a dryer maintains a continuous rotation to ensure your clothes get equal amounts of heat from the heating elements. 

A rubber belt maintains the drum's continuous rotation while drying a load. However, rubber tends to degrade when exposed to heat. Hence, the heat from the dryer gradually wears out the rubber belt, and eventually, the belt snaps. Thus, the belt might have snapped if your drum is not spinning when the dryer is on. 

So, if your dryer's drum is not spinning, call a residential dryer repair contractor to repair or replace your dryer belt.