Prioritizing Your Appliances

Understanding Common Signs That Indicate A Refrigerator Needs Repairs

A refrigerator may be one of the most important appliances found in a kitchen. Without a refrigerator in good working condition, it is impossible to keep perishable food items fresh and frozen food freezing cold. Most quality refrigerators are designed to last for many years, but that doesn't mean that they can't develop problems that can prevent them from working properly. Purchasing a brand-new refrigerator can be quite expensive, so most homeowners prefer to have their fridge repaired when it's acting up instead of replacing it altogether. The key is to recognize when a refrigerator needs to be repaired so you can arrange to have it serviced. Some of the most common signs a refrigerator is in need of repair include the following:

Food Is Spoiling

When your refrigerator is running properly, you should have no problem storing perishable items, such as raw meats, fruits and vegetables, milk, and eggs, inside it without any worries. Perishable food items can spoil prematurely from time to time, but when you notice that you have multiple items of food spoiling before their expiration date, you have a problem. One of the most common causes of prematurely spoiled perishable food is a refrigerator that is too warm. If you have this problem, first check your refrigerator's thermostat to make sure that it didn't accidentally get turned off. If the thermostat is set properly but you still find that your refrigerator is too warm, it is best to contact a professional appliance repair company.

Leaking Water

The last thing any homeowner wants is to step into the kitchen and find a puddle of water surrounding their refrigerator. If you notice an unexplained puddle of water by your fridge, don't wipe it up and brush it off. Leaking water is a major sign that a refrigerator is in need of repairs. There are many reasons that a refrigerator can begin leaking water, such as a faulty water supply valve, a defrost drain that is clogged, or a damaged seal.

Running Loudly

Almost all refrigerators make some noise when they are running, but a refrigerator should not be excessively noisy. If you notice that your refrigerator suddenly becomes very loud when it is running, or if it is cycling on and off frequently, it is a major red flag that one or more components inside the refrigerator are not operating properly. The soon you have the issue diagnosed and repaired, the less likely it is that the damage will spread to other parts of your fridge.

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