Prioritizing Your Appliances

3 Important Steps When Maintaining The AC Unit

For many, the AC unit is one of the most important appliances during the summer. For it to work properly during these hotter months of the year, you need to perform the following maintenance steps. 

Examine the Thermostat

For you to properly control the temperatures inside your home, the thermostat needs to be in working order. Start by moving the thermostat from room temperature to a colder setting. The temperatures should gradually drop into the designated range, unless the thermostat is broken. 

If your thermostat is old, constantly malfunctions, or the interior temperatures are always hot, consider upgrading models. A programmable thermostat, for example, may be a smart upgrade. It often comes with a digital LCD screen, which is easy to view at night. You can also set up a cooling schedule, where the thermostat comes on at certain periods during the day. You'll then be able to save on energy costs each month. 

Clean the Outside Unit

Most AC units are located outside, which leaves them susceptible to getting dirty rather quickly. Leaves, dirt, and debris start to pile up that can then affect your AC unit's efficiency and overall airflow. Avoid such disasters by cleaning around this area regularly. 

First, make sure your AC unit is turned off. Then, remove any weeds and grass that are growing around the unit. If the fins are covered in dirt and debris, you can spray a water hose over them. Ensure that the hose's pressure isn't too strong, because otherwise, you risk damaging the fins and affecting their performance. 

You might also want to spray the outside unit with coil cleaner. It's a heavy-duty detergent that can remove sticky residues and debris that have built up over time.

Contact a Professional

There are some maintenance and appliance repair jobs that are too difficult or dangerous to complete, requiring the help of a professional. Such is the case when inspecting your unit's wiring. Experienced technicians can quickly inspect and replace damaged wiring, without shocking themselves or causing a shortage.

You should also get professional help, usually mandated by state laws, when replacing the refrigerant that keeps cool air coming into your home. A technician will handle coolant with extreme care the entire time, making sure it doesn't harm themselves or the environment. 

Keeping an AC unit running perfectly is centered on how well you maintain it over the months. The more time you spend on AC maintenance, the less you'll have to pay on repairs.