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Gas Burners: What To Do When Your Burners Won't Light?

Sometimes when using your gas stove, you may notice that there's a burner that isn't lighting. Though this can be a concern, it's nearly always a fairly simple fix. Most burners are fairly simple, but they aren't going to ignite if the circumstances aren't exactly right -- for the purposes of safety. Here are a few things that you can check before calling the professionals, though you should always be cautious when dealing with an appliance that uses gas:

Check Your Burner Caps

If a burner cap is even slightly unseated, the burner usually won't ignite. You will still hear the hissing sound of the gas, but the flame won't be lit. Turn off the stove completely and then adjust your burner caps until they are properly seated. Make sure all of them have been placed on the right burners as well; there may be different sizes that are very close to each other in appearance.

Make Sure Your Gas Is On

Check your other gas powered devices, such as your dryer or your furnace. If these also don't turn on, you could actually have a problem with your gas rather than with your stove. Usually, if there's a problem with your gas line, it will impact all of the gas powered appliances in your home. You will want to call your gas company immediately; there could be a leak in your home.

Look at Your Gas Line

Take a look behind your stove and make sure that nothing has disrupted your gas line. This is very important. If it appears at all that anything has broken or otherwise altered your gas line, you need to call an expert and leave your home immediately. Your home could already be filling with gas, and it may be going undetected by your home's monitors.

Clean Off the Top

Sometimes even food can potentially disrupt the flow of gas or the ignition process. Take off the removable items on the top of your gas oven and then clean off the top completely. You can use a wire brush to remove any food particles that have gotten in the way. 

Though there are the above options for troubleshooting a gas burner, you generally shouldn't go any farther than this without calling a company that handles appliance services. Gas appliances are exponentially more dangerous than electrical appliances; they are far more likely to cause damage to your home or even endanger yourself and your family.